NYC Teachers File Age Discrimination Lawsuit

December 27, 2005 ( - As a result of New York City Mayor Bloomberg's crackdown on underperforming teachers, around four dozen teachers, over age 40, say they are victims of harassment by administrators.

According to an ABC news report, the teachers’ union is filing an age discrimination suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The union alleges that the Department of Education discriminates through “the issuance of unsatisfactory performance ratings” to older teachers, and that there is a “pattern and practice of coercing, threatening, and harassing teachers over 40 years of age.”

The union says 90% of performance-based disciplinary charges were against union members over 40, according to the news report. Sixty percent of all tenured teachers are over age 40.

One teacher complained that, after 13 years of positive performance ratings, his record now shows him as unsatisfactory in everything he does.

The Department of Education declined comment to the news service, saying they had not received a copy of the suit.

The EEOC is investigating the validity of the union’s case. If charges are confirmed, parties will attempt to reach a settlement.