One Down: Portman-Cardin Passes Ways & Means

April 25, 2001 ( - The House Ways and Means Committee has approved the Comprehensive Retirement Security and Pension Reform Act (H.R. 10) by a vote of 35 to 6.

The bill was passed without any substantive changes to the pension reform bill from when it arrived for markup, according to a spokesperson in Rep. Benjamin Cardin’s (D-Maryland) office.

The contact could not name the nay-voters or confirm whether they were all Democrat holdouts, but said that this time more Democrats did join forces with the affirmatives.

On Thursday, the bill goes on to the House Education and the Workforce Committee for markup, where Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) staffers say they “do not anticipate any huge problems.”

From there, HR-10 goes to the floor of the House next week, and, says Cardin’s press secretary, “we are expecting–absolutely–passage,” with an even better score than last year’s 401 to 25 vote. Especially, she says, because there are “no special arms to twist; this is a solid bill. It is a strong way to encourage savings, and everybody knows that.”

– Carol Schwefel