Online Risk Mgt. System Unveiled

November 16, 2004 ( - An Illinois firm has released a new online risk management system.

A news release said Wramsco’snew WIN SYSTEM allows information in eight modules to be retrieved from any location connected to the system. The modules include:

  • The Client Moduleprovides control and retrieval of critical information needed to enhance the company’s risk finance/risk transfer program.
  • The Claims Management Moduledisplays investigation, medical, and legal information and allows for approval and denial of claims.  
  • The Adjuster moduleallows key people to provide direction, intelligence and instructions to adjuster personnel and claims managers.
  • The Financial Moduleintegrates the other modules with financial and bank account information.   Over 100 different types of financial analyses and reports can be generated.
  • The Medical Moduleallows the input and maintenance of medical details of claims, including x-rays and other digital images, lab results and physician reports, and other information typically shared between medical personnel and a claim management team.
  • The Litigation Moduleallows for the input and utilization of legal documents and billing information.  
  • The Multimedia and Research Moduleis a multi-media repository capable of providing images, sound, text, video and even virtual reality visualizations and reconstructions.  
  • The Underwriting Moduleidentifies the critical information needed to evaluate liabilities and assets, create, develop and review policies

The company said existing risk management systems can be integrated into the WIN System.   The WIN System works within an advanced firewall system, has on-site and off-site redundant backup, and a nationwide network infrastructure using Intel Xeon based servers with 128 bit encryption, according to the announcement.

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