Open Enrollment Experience Makes a Difference for Employees

September 7, 2012 ( A strong relationship still exists between employees' benefits enrollment experience and their perceived value of the benefits employers offer, according to a study from The Guardian Life Insurance Company.

The study shows 70% of employees who were able to receive benefits communications in their preferred channels said they were very confident in their benefits selections, versus just 57% of those who did not. Workers who were able to enroll in their preferred channel were also more satisfied with their overall benefits package (70%).   

Guardian’s study, “Benefits & Behavior: Spotlight on the Benefits of an Employee-Centric Enrollment Experience,” finds that benefits communications are a point of contention with both employers and employees. Fewer than four in ten employers (37%) say their benefits communications are very effective in helping employees make the right benefits decisions, and only 34% of employees say that the benefits communications they receive are very effective.   

During the enrollment period, workers want to receive their benefits communications through multiple channels. Nearly 20% of employees indicated they would like to receive benefits communications through six or more options. In addition, 80% seek the ease and convenience of being able to sign up for benefits online so they can enroll when and where they choose. Nine in ten workers who are able to enroll online are very satisfied with that experience.  

Complete research findings can be downloaded here.