Our Coworkers, Our Friends

April 29, 2011 - Many of us spend more time with our coworkers than with our family and other friends, and since we do have lives outside of work, it is inevitable that our coworkers will be drawn into our lives.

They get to know our family members’ names, when our kids succeed or struggle, when our parents fall ill, the things we did as kids, and what other activities we’re obligated to outside of work. They learn our quirks – what makes us happy, and what makes us sad. 

And sometimes, as with my coworker and dear friend, Fred Schneyer, who passed away this week, they can also become a cheerleader, offering support and encouragement through all the ups and downs.  

I spent almost every day of the past six years in contact with Fred. During that period we shared not only the daily grind, but also events in our personal lives – and because we learned each others’ quirks and catch phrases and shared inside jokes, Fred will remain part of my everyday life for the rest of my days.  

I’m grateful for that friendship, and that before he passed, I let him know what a good friend he was to me, that I loved him, and that I missed him at work.  

Often we don’t tell our coworkers what good friends they have become, because such things seem taboo for a working relationship.  But, as with my dear friend Fred, since we never know what tomorrow may bring, it’s a good idea to let your coworker friends know what they mean to you while you can.

Rebecca Moore