OutsourceOne Debuts New Health Coverage Solution

October 11, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - OutsourceOne has added a new concept, eKydos, to their traditional employee benefit and back room (BPO) administration services.

The Web site can be searched at eKydos.com.  eKydos (Greek for “praise” or “acclaim”) is the name of a new program offering a diversified portfolio of benefits and health insurance products being offered online at low costs, according to the company.  

eKydos is a creation of BenefitReady, a part of OutsourceOne, Inc., a 23 year old international benefits company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The eKydos concept focuses on reaching consumers directly, in cooperation with employers, with a wide range of coverage. The products offered comprises of a full suite of benefits including limited medical plans, vision, life, disability, AD&D, critical illness, identity theft, and, for consumers and bank depositors, a medical premium continuation (due to unemployment). The medical premium continuation product, particularly reassuring in today’s economy, was developed in partnership with Lloyd’s of London.

“Healthcare coverage and employee benefits are terms that create a good deal of controversy and concern in our country today, which makes eKydos a sensible, cost effective, sure fire solution whose time has come,” said William Mehus, Founder and CEO of OutsourceOne, in a press release. “What this means is that virtually anyone – those currently employed, those who are unemployed, and even the unaffiliated, can simply go on the Web site, review the coverages, complete the information forms, and then point, click, and buy the kinds of benefits they need and can afford.”

Additionally, the Web-based enrollment software platform can be used to offer benefits without any significant commitment of equipment or staff resources on the part of the offering organization. Mehus explains this bolt-on approach, combined with the cost-effective suite of benefits, can make it possible for employers to expand benefits to more employees, such as part-timers and to get relief from the increasing burden of existing resource demanding benefits programs.