Pacific Life Insurance Launches 5 New Funds of Funds

February 3, 2004 (— Pacific Life Insurance Company announced five new Portfolio Optimization Funds, asset allocation "funds of funds," with a multi-manager platform, modeling by Ibbotson Associates, and a choice of A, B and C share classes.

These “funds of funds” provide diversification among asset classes and management companies for investors among a selection of 15 mutual funds.   The new Portfolio Optimization Funds are allocated among the underlying Pacific Funds and replace the existing Portfolio Optimization models for Pacific Funds and Pacific Funds 529 Plans, distributed by Pacific Select Distributors, Inc, and available through licensed third party broker/dealers.

The representatives will help match an investor with a Portfolio Optimization Fund based on the investor’s financial needs, investment time horizon, and willingness to accept risk.    

With these funds, registered representatives can open accounts, submit additional investments, and, through the Web, access statements and performance information.

Portfolio Optimization is Pacific Life’s asset allocation and has been available to variable annuity clients since 1994, and was made available to mutual fund clients in 2001.