Participants Get an Education from American Express

November 26, 2001 ( - American Express Retirement Services introduced two new workplace financial education programs that aim to provide guidance on protecting one's finances in the face of economic recession and major life events.

The two programs, developed by the group’s Financial Education & Planning Services unit are titled:

· Current Events Financial Education, and
· Life Events Financial Education

Current Events

The Current Events program addresses employees’ investment concerns during volatile times, and provides information on how new tax and pension legislation can impact employees’ individual financial situations.

The program comprises:

· Workshops on topics such as market volatility, retirement, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, 529 education plans and general tax issues.
· topical brochures, and
· newsletters and emails that plan sponsors can send to employees to help them make educated financial decisions.

Life Events

The Life Events program helps workers deal with major life events. Among them:

· job changes,
· starting a family, and
· entering retirement

Life Events Financial Education is divided into two components. The Job Transition and Distribution Education component, which provides participants who are making plan distribution decisions with access to a retirement specialist through a toll-free number, print materials and an online seminar, and a mailing program that uses automated communications triggered by different demographics.

The mailings provide information relevant to the financial issues that certain employee populations face during evolving life stages.