Partnership Helps Self-insured Employers Manage Health Care Costs

June 30, 2009 ( - Focused Health Solutions, a national provider of health promotion and wellness services, has partnered with Emmi Solutions, LLC, to offer enhanced solutions to large, self-insured employers looking to reduce medical claims, lower absenteeism and improve workforce productivity.

According to a press release, the partnership provides Focused Health participants with access to Emmi Solutions’ programs. Emmi programs use plain language and audio-visual techniques to educate and engage patients about their health conditions.

Patients can view Emmi programs at their own pace, in the convenience of their own homes. After viewing Emmi programs, patients are better prepared to ask more informed and directed questions with their physicians or health care providers. 

Focused Health offers its participants customized feedback reports to monitor healthy behaviors; individually tailored coaching programs to encourage ongoing involvement; personal telephonic reviews from a health coach to review an individual’s health results; and access to knowledgeable nurse managers and behavioral specialists, the press release said. The programs are delivered through an engagement model-featuring enrollment incentives, copay reimbursements and goals-based incentives that encourage participation, reward long-term behavior change, and teach healthy self-management behaviors.

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