Partnership Offers Debit Card Transportation Product

August 13, 2003 ( - Evolution Benefits, Inc., a debit benefit card provider, and WiredCommute, are teaming up to provide transportation and parking services for third party administrators (TPAs) to offer their employer clients.

The product will use Evolution’s BennyT MasterCard combined with WiredCommute’s flexCOMMUTE network.   WiredCommute is a San Francisco-based transportation service company.

Transportation management account (TMA) participants will present the BennyT Card to any appropriate provider of transit and parking services accepting MasterCard, according to an announcement. The card swipe will result in an electronic deduction from the user’s account without the need for filing receipts for reimbursement.  

Where the BennyT Card can’t be used, participants will access the WiredCommute capabilities to purchase and receive their passes.   All services will integrate with leading administrative software systems, the announcement said.

The agreement provides for the product to be available for implementation with client accounts in the first quarter of 2004.

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