PAY RAISE – HR Pay Up Strongly in Tight Job Market

June 28, 2000 ( - Salaries for human resource professionals are rising faster than average salaries - some twice as fast, according to a new study by William M. Mercer and the Society for Human Resource Management.

The research shows that technical recruiters saw their median total cash compensation soar 10% on average, versus a year ago, compared with average salary increases of 4.2% over the past five years.

HR executives without responsibility for industrial relations saw a 9.3% jump. Comparable executives with industrial relations responsibility experienced just a 5.1% bump, but still earn $6,000 more a year than their counterparts.

Other significant increases within the HR community:

  • compensation/benefit managers, up 6.1%
  • managerial/professional recruiters, up 5.9%
  • HR generalists, up 5.4%