Pensionmark Launches Financial Wellness Program

May 28, 2013 ( - Pensionmark announced its revamped education and communications initiatives with a new Financial Wellness Program.

The program was designed to assist employees in having a better understanding of their financial future by providing a comprehensive, multi-point approach to financial wellness. It includes a variety of tools and resources to help individuals make more informed decisions about their financial future.    

The central point of the program is a Personal Financial Portal (PFP) which provides individuals a simple and secure online location where they can monitor key financial components of their life, track spending habits, create budgets, and access a series of workshops designed to help them understand if they are on-track to meet their financial goals. In addition, the site will offer ideas to adjust their financial strategies to meet any shortfalls. The PFP is also available on mobile devices.    

Additional components of the Wellness Program include a toll-free Employee Call Center with fully-licensed and bilingual specialists, an online Education Center for both employers and employees (offering articles, financial calculators, educational videos, and more), and Employee Retirement Connect which delivers newsletters, webinars, and monthly educational e-Campaigns. Plan Sponsors can utilize educational videos (in English and Spanish) to play in lunch/break rooms or on their intranets as an effective way to deliver retirement plan messaging.    

In addition, the program offers group educational meetings, one-on-one employee consultations, and comprehensive social media integration via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  

“After almost a quarter century of helping retirement plan employees, we have found the most important part of successful retirement plan education is to get the employees engaged. Different people engage in different ways, so we built our wellness program to address that by offering methods of education delivery to suit virtually every personality. In addition, the Personal Financial Portal provides a hub to consolidate the financial aspects of an individual’s life in a simple-to-use site that is updated in real time each day. We believe we can add measurable impact to people’s chances of achieving more successful retirement and financial outcomes,” said Troy Hammond, Pensionmark’s President/CEO.  

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