PensionOnline Introduces Software Toolkits

June 24, 2004 (—PensionOnline, Inc. introduced development toolkits to supply retirement service providers and TPAs who develop retirement applications with proven technology foundations that companies can customize to accommodate their specific business needs.

PensionOnline, Inc., a provider of technology products for the retirement services industry, said the calculation engines allow organizations to quickly and accurately compute retirement plan contributions while demonstrating compliance and IRS guideline requirements, according to a press announcement.  

The toolkits can be purchased individually or as a suite, and the three initially available are Basic, Compliance, and Data Handling modules, though the company expects to introduce additional toolkits in the future. The Basic offering includes code that address eligibility, HCE (highly compensated employees) and Key employees, calculation of employee allocation, calculation of employer match, and maximum elective deferrals under IRC 402(g), according to the announcement.