PerTrac: Hedge Fund 1.20% Better in September

October 15, 2003 ( - Hedge funds were up 1.20% in September.

The top quarter of those hedge funds reporting thus far gained an average of 2.10% compared with the bottom quartile that reported average earnings right at the break-even mark.   With the return data the year-to-date average gain for hedge funds is 11.91%, with the top 25% of hedge funds reporting a 16.70% return thus far and the bottom quarter up 3.50%, according to the Universes.

By comparison, the S&P 500 gained 4.23% in September and has returned 17.99% so far in 2003.

Among the best performing strategies in September were the Emerging Markets, returning 3.49%, Macro, up 2.6%, and Distressed, gaining 2.51%.   Year-to-date, the three are up 26.26%, 16.87% and 22.85%, respectively.   Conversely, the worst performing strategies this month were Short Bias, down 0.66% and Fixed Income and Technology, both with 0.35% returns.   Year-to-date, Short Bias in now 17.57% in the red, while the other two are up 7.32% and 21.91%, respectively. Universes are a feature of PerTrac Online, a hedge fund analytics tool available exclusively to registered users of Universes chart the roughly 2,800 hedge funds that report their performance to the Web site. The Universes provide performance data on 35 hedge fund strategies.