PerTrac: Hedge Fund 1.5% Better in February

March 17, 2004 ( - Hedge funds gained an average 1.5% in February, down from a 1.79% average return the previous month.

The top 25% of hedge funds gained an average of 2.10%, while the bottom quarter gained an average of 0.15% for the month.   Comparatively, the top 25% hedge funds gained an average of 2.60%, while the bottom 25% gained an average 0.51% in January, according to data supplied by Universes.  

Based on the hedge funds that thus far have reported February performance, the year-to-date average gain for hedge funds is 3.31%.   Of that figure, the top 25% of hedge funds have gained 4.58% for the year-to-date, while the bottom 25% are up 1.10% over the same time period.   By comparison, the S&P 500 has gained 2.97% since the beginning of the year.

CTA/Managed Futures gained an average of 4.32% (5.30% year-to-date) in February, followed by last month’s top performer Emerging Market funds, which were up 3.27% for the month (6.79% year-to-date).   Fund of Funds-Single Strategy’s 1.59% average gain for the month (3.65% year-to-date) rounded out the top performers list.  

The Universes chart the roughly 3,000 hedge funds that report their performances to the Web site .