Planned Administrators Announces Benefits for Part-Timers

August 30, 2006 ( - Planned Administrator's Inc. has announced the launch of EssentialCare, a program offering health care benefits to part-time and hourly workers.

In its press release, Planned Administrators said the program provides hourly and part-time staff, added discounts with preferred provider organization (PPO) networks, co-pays for doctor’s office visits and prescriptions, a toll free number to contact a registered nurse, and the ability for members to make up missed payroll deductions directly to the company.

Coverage includes doctor office visits, prescription drugs, emergency room visits, and outpatient coverage.

Employers can choose coverage options they feel best suits the needs of their workforce, according to the release. Premiums average about two hours pay, and employers have the option to subsidize a portion of the premiums for employees.

Essential care is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company and administered by Planned Administrators.

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