PlanSource Enhances System to Provide Education and ACA Reporting

PlanSource enables employers to better comply with reporting requirements of the ACA, deliver a streamlined consumer experience and save administrative time and resources, the company says.

PlanSource has launched a new product release, dubbed Kepler.

PlanSource notes that many employees find the numerous choices of health benefits plans and the specialized terms used to describe them hard to understand. Considering that insurance and benefits typically are among a family’s greatest expenses, PlanSource has made consumer education a top priority in the Kepler release.

The release includes a fully redesigned and expanded library of videos that explain commonly used industry terms in easily understandable language. The videos help consumers make informed choices and also understand the importance of voluntary benefits such as short-term disability and accident insurance.

The short, animated videos are seamlessly integrated into the software and can be personalized depending on a user’s demographics, stage in life, family status and many other factors. Offered in English and Spanish, the videos are free and available for download on the PlanSource website. 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes numerous reporting requirements employers must comply with or risk being penalized. The Kepler release contains many new updates to simplify ACA compliance, including a feature that will let employers preview reports before they need to be formally submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Another enhancement allows employees to download IRS form 1095-C instead of requiring employers to print the forms out, pack, and mail them to each employee.

Other features of the Kepler release are the addition of advanced human resources (HR) support and evidence of insurability (EOI) expiration capabilities. Advanced HR support is an outsourcing service for HR teams that need help with time-consuming activities such as dependent and life event verification, EOI processing, claims assistance and employee communications.

Similarly, the EOI expiration feature simplifies a cumbersome administration process in which employers must carefully track and update EOI applications. The EOI expiration feature in Kepler removes this administrative burden by allowing benefits that are pending EOI to automatically expire after a designated time specified by HR teams.

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