PlanTools Advisor Toolkit Launched

February 28, 2006 ( - The McHenry Group, LLC has launched the PlanTools Advisor Toolkit, an integrated suite of solutions to help investment advisors and institutions to better and more efficiently serve the needs of fiduciary investors and retail clients.

According to the announcement, in the new product, McHenry subsidiary PlanTools, LLC has enhanced and expanded its partner team to include the K 4 Fund Selection Tool from Klein Decisions . This solution enables advisors and institutional service representatives to assist clients in the selection of appropriate mutual funds based upon investor risk parameters and preferences.

The Advisor Toolkit will add enhanced Web access for subscribers, enabling the analysis of funds tied to objective and subjective selection and monitoring standards selected by advisors in conjunction with their investment clients.

“It’s not just about retirement plans,” said Ward Harris, Founder and CEO of The McHenry Group, in the announcement. “PlanTools subscribers can now assess an individual investor’s mutual fund investment needs, analyze appropriate funds and make a recommendation in minutes. The system also provides robust reporting options for any type of investor – retirement plan, plan participant or individual investor.”

In addition, PlanTools has added another solution partner for plan risk management, The Retirement Analyst,  which provides a third-party analysis of a retirement plan’s participant current situation tied to age and income issues.  With The Retirement Analyst, for a nominal fee, advisors or plan sponsors can secure a detailed review of each employee’s income replacement ratio, current over or under-funding, and expected and actual rates of return versus risk.

Bill Corrin, President of The Retirement Analyst, Inc., said, “Our clients see greater participation and understanding of the benefits they provide. We are most excited about personalizing the automatic enrollment and automatic increase process.”

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