PLUGGED IN: Investment Advice Trends

If parents had worked as hard to get their teenagers to do homework over the past decade as the 401(k) industry had worked to turn Americans into savvy retirement investors, every kid in America would have graduated on the honor roll.

Unfortunately, even the most lackadaisical C student still spends more time studying for algebra tests than the typical American worker spends on their retirement portfolio.

In the first of PLANSPONSOR’sPLUGGED IN series, learn more about the trends and future of offering participant advice, featuring insights from:

Fred Reish ,managing director and partner of the Los Angeles-based law firm of Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen

Jeff Maggioncalda , President and CEO of Financial Engines

Sherrie Grabot , Chief Executive Officer of GuidedChoice

Nevin Adams ,Editor-in-Chief of PLANSPONSOR/

Mark Davis , President of Mark A. Davis Consulting, Inc.

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