PLUGGED IN: Match Lessons

Nearly every day it seems there's a report of yet another plan sponsor who has either cut or suspended their matching contribution.

But what will that mean for participation rates?   Your discrimination tests?   What should you tell participants?   What are other plan sponsors doing?  

Answers to these questions and more in the next of PLANSPONSOR’s PLUGGED IN web cast series. 

Plan sponsors and those who have attained the PLANSPONSOR Retirement Professional (PRP) designation are not required to pay to participate in this event. A plan sponsor is someone that is personally responsible for the administration of the benefit plans of the company/firm/institution that you work for.

All others are asked to pay $100 to cover the costs of your participation.

PLEASE NOTE: working with plan sponsors does not make you a plan sponsor – nor does working for a firm that sponsors a retirement plan. 

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