PLUGGED IN – Now How Much Should You Pay?

Our Topic: The bottom line on fees, revenue sharing, and what plan sponsors should be considering.

“Among other duties, fiduciaries have a responsibility to ensure that the services provided to their plan are necessary and that the cost of those services is reasonable.” – Department of Labor

Participants in even the smallest retirement programs today have access to an amazing level of one-on-one financial counsel in their workplace, and many at no explicit cost to them. Much of this is funded, in one form or other, by the current fee structures of the underlying investments. Absent this, doubtless much of the current capabilities and support extended today – at least to smaller programs – would evaporate, or at least diminish. Or would it? Regardless, it’s an issue high on plan sponsors’ attention list.

On October 1, PLANSPONSOR’s “Plugged In” webinar series brought together , PLANSPONSOR Editor-in-Chief Nevin Adams,   Mark Davis, president of Mark A. Davis Consulting, Peter Demmer, CEO, Sterling Resources, Inc., Brent Glading, Managing Director, The Glading Group LLC, and Fred Reish, managing director and partner of the Los Angeles-based law firm of Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen,   to discuss the bottom line on fees, revenue sharing and what plan sponsors should be considering.

The presentation file is  HERE

The audio file is  HERE

Note: the first 15 minutes of the presentation are dedicated to “the Buzz” – a discussion of some of the hottest trends and issues confronting our industry. 


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