Pluris Database Draws Restricted Securities Valuation from RSTN

September 8, 2006 ( - Pluris Valuation Advisors, Inc., has developed a way to compile the data from trades made through its affiliate's network for buying and selling restricted securities.

The New York City-based company is an affiliate of Restricted Stock Partners, which manages the Restricted Securities Trading Network (RSTN) – the network from which the LiquiStat database will draw.

According to a news release, the product offering is a timely one, coming when regulators and investors are holding restricted securities trades under an increasing degree of scrutiny. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is expected to release new valuation guidelines later this month, which are expected to advise against using traditional formula approaches and rules-of-thumb for valuing restricted securities.

“No company or investment advisor can afford the potential liability, fines and even criminal charges that could result from improper valuations,” said Espen Robak, the newly appointed president of Pluris, in the news release.

Some of the services from Pluris offers include:

  • The valuation of restricted stock, debt securities, warrants and other derivatives for hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds and other institutional investors.
  • The valuation of stock options and other derivatives issued by public companies.
  • The valuation of illiquid securities and other assets for estate tax, gift tax and income tax returns.
  • Provides fairness and solvency opinions that are needed as part of the due diligence process for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provides shareholder litigation support services when assistance is required.