PlusFunds Launches S&P Hedge Fund Index Tracking Shares

July 28, 2003 ( - PlusFunds Group Inc. has introduced a new share class for tracking the nine individual strategies comprising the S&P Hedge Fund Index.

The Style Selection Share Class is an allocation across these nine strategies determined by a macro-based style allocation model, developed by research firm CrossBorder Capital.   Using this model the allocation is then determined through an analysis of factors that include investment capital flows, central bank policies and credit spreads across different economic scenarios, according to a news release.

PlusFunds says that the Style Selection Share Class offers the same benefits as the shares directly tracking the various components of the S&P Hedge Fund Index, by virtue of what the firm describes as the “systematic use of separately managed accounts”, including:

  • independent oversight,
  • transparency,
  • liquidity and
  • risk monitoring across institutional quality funds.  

This is combined with i ts objective to optimize allocation within the benchmark S&P Hedge Fund Index, while maintaining low correlation with traditional markets and low volatility both in absolute terms and relative to its benchmark.

More information is available at .