Poll: Americans Misjudge Temp Industry

August 1, 2002 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A survey by a temporary staffing company reveals that perceptions about the industry are a far cry from reality.

According to the Adeco poll:

  • Nearly all respondents, some 98%, underestimated how often US companies use temps. For example, about half of respondents estimated that fewer than 50% of US companies turn to temporary employees to fill staffing gaps. However, Conference Board data as quoted by Adeco show nine out of ten companies hire temporary workers.
  • Some 55% said most temps work as secretaries and receptionists. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, show technical and professional jobs are two of the temp industry’s occupational categories.
  • Some 95% of respondents underestimated the number of temp workers who get a full-time job while working with a staffing company, either through the staffing company or on their own. According to American Staffing Association data, approximately 72% of temps find a full-time job while working with a staffing company in less than a year.

The survey covered 1,026 people.

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