Prescription Solutions Offers Mobile Reminders

November 16, 2010 ( - Prescription Solutions, a pharmacy benefits management (PBM) organization and a UnitedHealth Group company, announced two new mobile enhancements to its Web site.

The first enhancement is a mobile-friendly version of the Prescription Solutions Web site, Members will now be able to access their personal prescription profile, refill their mail service medications, and check their mail service order status as well as other information directly from their mobile phones, according to a press release.   

The second is My Medication Reminders, a mobile-based reminder service designed to make it easier for individuals to remember to take their prescription medications and refill or transfer a prescription to mail service. There is no restriction on the cell phone brand or service provider that can access these programs.   

The announcement said My Medication Reminders is available to members who register on The text message program offers two dosage reminder options: a daily reminder that can be set for any hour of the day to remind the member to “Take your medications today”; and prescription specific reminders. Members who select this option receive a list of all the active drugs (including over-the-counter) in their personalized Prescriptions Solutions account profiles. Members can then select which drugs they would like to be reminded about.   

Also, the text message program can set up reminders to refill a prescription or transfer a prescription from a retail pharmacy to a mail order pharmacy.   

More information is at