President Rolls Back Labor-Friendly Policies

February 19, 2001 ( - Over the weekend President Bush rolled back several government policies favored by organized labor, restoring those put in place by his father.

The White House says the moves will create fair and open competition for government contracts.  The AFL-CIO has characterized them as needlessly antagonistic, and has pledged to challenge them in court.

The four executive orders include:

  • A requirement that federal contractors post a notice telling workers they have the right under a 1988 Supreme Court ruling not to pay portions of their dues that sponsor political activities.
  • Revocation of the “project labor agreement,” which requires contractors in many federally financed projects to be unionized.
  • Dissolution of the National Partnership Council, a Clinton organization that sought to mediate differences between government agencies and unions.
  • Revoking the Clinton policy of job protection for employees of contractors at federal buildings when the project is awarded to another contractor.

– Nevin Adams