Principal Unveils Adviser-Based Asset Allocation Product

April 7, 2010 ( – The Principal Financial Group has released RetireView, a new product designed to help plan advisers facilitate participants in their client plans choosing their optimum asset allocation.

According to a Principal news release, the new offering allows sponsors to select investment options populating 20 asset allocation models designed by Ibbotson Associates. Principal said the models include a variety of risk profiles from conservative to aggressive.

Participants take a risk quiz and then select a model based on their investment profile and years to retirement.

Principal said the offering can include two automatic features to ensure plan participants’ asset allocation models follow their original investment strategies despite market changes. One adjusts asset allocations as the participant gets older while the other rebalances the account on a quarterly basis to keep the mix in line with desired targets.

There are no additional fees to plan sponsors or participants for the new offering, Principal said.

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