Project to Rate Emerging Market Managers on ESG Criteria

April 28, 2008 ( - Emerging markets fund managers will be rated on their capacity to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into their investment decisions.

A Mercer news release said the development comes as part of a new initiative in which International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector branch of the World Bank Group, has commissioned Mercer to conduct the necessary research. To determine the ratings, Mercer said it has started interviews with 50 managers based in the emerging markets of China, India, South Korea and Brazil; the project will ultimately include a survey of over 200 managers globally, who invest in emerging markets.

“Through this research, IFC wants to raise asset owners’ and fund managers’ awareness and understanding of sustainable investing, and aims to highlight current investors’ demand for sustainable investing products,” said Berit Lindholdt Lauridsen of IFC, in the release.

The sustainable investing program of IFC has been working for the past four years on increasing the sustainability of investments in emerging markets, the announcement said.

Helga Birgden, Mercer’s responsible investment leader, Asia Pacific, said: “The in-depth nature of this research will really bring color to the picture of what is happening in these markets and uncover the capacity for sustainable investment.”

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