ProNvest Helps Sponsors with Managed Account Due Diligence

January 26, 2009 ( - ProNvest Inc. has rolled out a new service designed to assist plan sponsors with their fiduciary liability in offering managed accounts.

The company points out in a press release that while the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) allowed plan sponsors to offer managed accounts using a fiduciary adviser, it made plan sponsors responsible for selection, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring of the fiduciary adviser that it selects, with each decision being a fiduciary decision. ProNvest approves and integrates multiple Investment Managers/RIAs into its managed account platform and conducts ongoing due diligence in accordance with PPA guidelines.

According to the press release:

  • ProNvest’s due diligence and monitoring services enhance the plan sponsor’s efforts to fulfill its fiduciary responsibility in the selection and monitoring of investment managers.
  • ProNvest helps enable the plan sponsor to select the investment manager that best meets the needs of its’ plan as opposed to using a single managed account offering that is integrated into the provider.
  • ProNvest helps reduce provider fiduciary liability by engaging the plan sponsor in much of the due diligence effort required.
  • ProNvest standardizes the integration and operation of each investment manager into its platform so that there is a single integration with each provider, even if the plan decides to change investment managers at a later date. Single integration helps eliminate additional integration costs, minimizes ongoing support of data connections, use of IT resources, and helps eliminate potential service disruption to participants when changing investment managers.

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