Proskauer Launches Health Care Reform Initiative

April 12, 2010 ( – Global law firm Proskauer has announced the formal deployment of its Health Care Reform Initiative, with the primary goal of providing legal counsel to clients and friends of the firm, as well as to continually monitor, analyze, and disseminate information on new developments as they arise.

According to a press release, the cornerstone of Proskauer’s strategy is the formation of the Health Care Reform Task Force, which brings together more than a dozen members of the firm’s Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation & ERISA Litigation Practice Center; Health Care Department; Labor & Employment Law Department; and Tax Department. Through this focused effort, Proskauer will provide information, analysis, and guidance in order to enable clients and friends of the firm to make the most well-informed, strategic decisions for their companies and employees.  

The initiative also includes the creation of an internal Health Care Reform Resource Center with relevant guidance, analysis, and insight from across the firm; and sponsorship of a Health Care Reform Briefing Series consisting of Webinars, seminars, and periodic client alerts targeted to different market segments.

“Clearly, individuals and companies throughout the nation – from health care industry players to small businesses and major corporations – will be facing significant new challenges, not to mention considerable costs, regarding a host of legal issues and potential disputes emerging from this law. Since some of the provisions become effective immediately or within a few months, companies need to take action now,” said Rory Judd Albert, co-chair of Proskauer’s Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation & ERISA Litigation Practice Center, in the press release.  

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