Pru Unveils Global Learning Center for Expatriates

March 29, 2006 ( - Prudential Relocation is now offering a new Web-based tool created by RW3 LLC to help clients' employees learn how to conduct business in other countries.

The tool, CultureWizard, contains a cultural course and culturally-based country profiles on 110 countries, Prudential said in a news release.

With it, Prudential Relocation clients can have their own customized CultureWizard Web site to complement the global relocation, intercultural training and destination services Prudential already provides. CultureWizard also allows expatriate employees and their families to find information targeted to their interests, such as schools and medical facilities catering to the international community, the company said.

“In today’s global economy, being able to work effectively with people all over the world has become a more and more critical success factor. The tools and programs on CultureWizard are an excellent adjunct to cultural training. CultureWizard complements the programs we already offer and can be used to reinforce information learned in the classroom to help people navigate through diverse cultural settings,” said Margery Marshall, president, Prudential Relocation, in the news release.

CultureWizard is composed of several components:

  • Cultural Awareness e-Learning, which helps people living and working in diverse environments understand the culture of their host country;
  • a culture calculator that allows users to compare their own personal preferences with home and host country cultural behaviors;
  • Country Profiles, which are culturally focused practical information on living and doing business in more than 110 countries;
  • Culture Shock e-Learning, that explains the stages of adjustment that international assignees and their families experience during both expatriation and repatriation;
  • Cultural and Relocation Libraries, which offer a range of informative articles on relevant topics related to international family life and global relocation;.
  • a Culture Coach with links to additional expatriate or global business coaching support through Prudential Relocation’s Intercultural Global Workforce Development (GWD) group.

More information is at .