PSCA Offers Free 401(k) Day Materials

August 25, 2009 ( - No matter how tight your budget is, the Profit Sharing/401k Council of America (PSCA) has 401(k) Day materials available that will fit within it.

In years past, PSCA has made portions of their annual 401(k) Day campaign available to the public; however, most materials were reserved for PSCA members only.   However, PSCA has announced that this year it is making their annual 401(k) Day communication and education campaign available free to plan sponsors throughout the country.

“PSCA knows that plan sponsors want to communicate and educate their employees on the benefits of long-term savings in their 401(k) plans. These efforts, however, are sometimes hampered during trying economic times and budget shortfalls. PSCA recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the plan sponsors and as a result is making this year’s 401(k) education program free to everyone. Plan sponsors can take advantage of this innovative and creative program to help reinforce the key messages and benefits of saving in the company’s 401(k) program,” states David Wray, President of PSCA.

401(k) Day Timing

PSCA sponsors National 401(k) Day, which falls on the first Friday following Labor Day but can be celebrated any day of the year. Now in its 14th year, 401(k) Day is an annual celebration that encourages employers to set aside time at the workplace to spotlight the importance of their 401(k) plans. Island Ad

This year’s campaign, “Make Wise Choices,” draws a connection between lifestyle and investment decisions “to position the 401(k) plan as one of the essential elements of overall health and reminds employees that today’s choices shape tomorrow’s well-being,” according to the announcement. The materials feature a playful cartoon owl as spokesperson, colorful images, and “messages that are clear and direct,” according to PSCA.

Employers of any size and industry can use the 401(k) Day materials to celebrate 401(k) plans on the day of their choosing. A series of posters and postcards compare saving for retirement with other wise decisions people make every day. Customized articles offer healthy retirement tips and can be customized to include a company name or Web site. Targeted communications remind participants to make investment and asset allocation changes that are appropriate for their lifestyle and career stage.

Electronic Tools

A variety of electronic tools help plan sponsors send valuable information to their participants with just the click of a button. Webcasts serve to educate participants on an array of retirement participation and investment topics. An online, interactive 401(k) quiz game covers the basics of 401(k) saving and investing. Users can also access an annual retirement check-up and a retirement planning calculator to make sure they are on track to meet their savings goals.

In addition to the above materials, plan sponsors will find of Roth 401(k) Tools designed to help participants navigate the ins and outs of retirement planning and investing in a Roth 401(k) account.

Many of the materials are customizable and are available in English and Spanish. All of the materials are available at PSCA’s special 401(k) Day Web site, .