Ready to Play the Revenue Recognition Challenge?

June 5, 2007 ( - No, it won't help you parse the latest spate of revenue-sharing disclosures, but a new online game promises to help finance professionals better grasp the sometimes complex relationships between revenue recognition and reality.

A Web site dedicated to educating finance professionals on revenue management and related issues has launched “The Revenue Recognition Challenge,” a new online game that, according to a press release, “demonstrates, in an entertaining way, the relationship between revenue recognition and business activity.”   As a player, you become the new CFO of Worldwide Faulty Enterprises, where you contend with super models, rock bands, and   – “visionary” CEOs” – “as you build revenue and drive your stock to new highs.”  

According to a press release, the game emphasizes three key concepts:

  • different types of business situations require different revenue recognition decisions,
  • revenue recognition decisions must keep up with business events, and
  • a reliable revenue recognition forecast is critical to strategic decision making.

The Revenue Recognition Challenge game was produced by and sponsored by Softrax Corporation, a provider of enterprise revenue management and billing solutions.  

Oh – and don’t be too put off by the friendly auditors of Schmarbanes-Schmoxely when they stop by for your annual audit.

The Revenue Recognition Challenge can be played on-line and free of charge at: