RealLife HR Revamps Benefits System Offering to Adjust to Complex Plans

February 21, 2007 ( - RealLife HR has released a suite of Web-based applications designed to help human resources executives streamline more complex benefit plans in terms of communication, enrollment and administration.

With the new features, employers can:

  • Govern the type of information displayed to an employee based on his eligibility group;
  • Collect and manage Medicare eligibility information;
  • Automatically reinstate benefits for re-hired employees.

“We’re seeing more of our clients offer consumer-driven health plans, health care savings accounts and other cost-saving benefit options,” said Gary Broache, the president and CEO of RealLife HR, in a news release. “However, these programs are often very complex and challenging for HR to administer. Our winter 2007 release offers enhanced rules-driven functionality that can be quickly configured to accommodate even the most intricate of benefit plans.”

Most clients can be set up in 60 to 90 days and employers can accommodate changes to existing benefit plans in less than 30 days before open enrollment, the company said.

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