Recognition Can Play an Important Part in Retaining Employees

Nearly half of employees surveyed said they have quit a job due to a lack of recognition. Employees also shared how they would like to be recognized.

Nearly six in 10 (58%) of the 1,417 employed Americans surveyed by Quality Logo Products, a promotional items provider, indicated they believe it’s extremely important to feel valued at work.

Nearly half (49%) of the employees in the survey said they have quit a job because of a lack of recognition.

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Fortunately, a majority of employees (83%) said they feel recognized at work. Of those who feel valued, nearly three-fourths said they are constantly engaged at work, and 90% indicated they will be at their employer in a year. On the other hand, among employees who do not feel valued, only 20% said they are constantly engaged, and 65% indicated they plan to leave their job within a year.

The survey also found 39% of employees would most like to be recognized for their performance, 30% for their knowledge and 16% for their effort. Ninety percent of employees would rather be recognized for their constant efforts at work rather than big wins.

In addition, nearly two in five respondents said they prefer to be recognized once a week to a few times a week (39%). And nearly half (49%) said they’d like to be recognized by the leader above their direct manager.

When asked what type of recognition they would most appreciate for a significant accomplishment, the top two choices, perhaps unsurprisingly, had to do with money: 67% named a pay increase, while 53% said they’d like a bonus. Another popular choice was verbal thanks at 44%, with digital thanks and a high performance rating (which, in some jobs, is linked to pay raises) both at 37%.

Full survey results can be found here.