Recruitmax Launches Comp Program

October 25, 2005 ( - Recruitmax has launched Balance, a compensation and rewards management application, the company announced Tuesday.

According to a news release, Balance automates and streamlines compensation planning, salary management and incentive management.  With the new product customers can more easily and efficiently determine salaries, equity, bonuses and other incentives that motivate the workforce.

The product includes three integrated modules for compensation planning, salary management and incentive management. The application covers both focal and anniversary-based processes, allowing managers to reward employees who have met individual goals, helped their companies achieve broader objectives, or who have demonstrated outstanding skills and competencies, the announcement said.

Recruitmax Balance was designed as a stand-alone application but integrates with the company’s performance management product, Impact.  Combined with Impact, Balance offers customers a “pay-for-performance” system, the press release said.

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