Report About Public Worker Health Benefits Released

April 5, 2012 ( - Seventy-three percent of state and local government employees with health benefits have fee-for-service plans (mostly, preferred provider organizations), according to a new report.

The remaining 27% are enrolled in health maintenance organizations (HMOs). These figures are from the recently released “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report National Compensation Survey: Health Plan Provisions in State and Local Government in the United States, 2011.”   

The report presents estimates on the detailed provisions of employer-provided health plans in state and local government in 2011, featuring information on:  

  •   medical care benefits, 
  • fee-for-service plans, 
  • health maintenance organizations, 
  • selected benefits by type of plan, 
  • high deductible and non-high deductible health plans, 
  • mental health care and substance abuse treatment benefits, 
  • outpatient prescription drug benefits, 
  • dental care benefits, and 
  • vision care benefits. 

Information from the report is available at