Report: Where Do Baby Boomer Executives Invest?

August 3, 2005 ( - Clark Consulting's Executive Retirement Report-The Baby Boomer Edition shows that baby boomers mostly invest in large-cap stocks, holding almost 37% of all assets measured.

A Clark news release says the report looked at executive boomers in three age categories: the eldest boomers born 1946-1951, the middle boomers born 1952-1958, and the youngest boomers born 1959-1964. Large-cap stocks were the most popular investment choice for all three age categories, 39.5% for eldest, 35.9% for middle, and 35% for youngest.

The second and third choices of investments varied by age group. The eldest chose fixed income and small-cap stocks, while the middle chose money markets and small-cap stocks. Contradictory to the standard rule that younger investors take more risk, the youngest group of boomers chose money markets and fixed income as their second and third choices of investments.

Clark issued The Baby Boomer Edition as baby boomers are turning 59 ½ and can receive certain retirement benefits without penalty. As Tom Wamberg, CEO of Clark Consulting said in the news release, “My peers and I comprise nearly 26% of the US population. We have impacted American society since the 1960’s youth culture and spawned the consumer-based yuppie culture of the 1980’s that still exists. Baby Boomers have become accustomed to a high standard of living, and where and how we invest for retirement will definitely have an impact.”

The Executive Retirement Report is issued quarterly by Clark Consulting. It examines the investment selections of more than 17,000 executives with annual compensation typically in excess of $100,000, who have accounts in nonqualified retirement plans through Clark Consulting.

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