Retiremap Plan Education Tool Launched

November 6, 2012 ( – Boulevard R’s Retiremap was developed to help employers and plan sponsors with retirement plan education.

Created by Boulevard R and New York Times bestselling author Dan Ariely, Retiremap aims to help employers save money by reducing the number of employees who have to delay retirement because they have not saved enough. The program features an online component using e-mail activation links but also comes as an iPad app, used in 30-minute onsite workshops.

In addition to the financial assessment employees receive, they also get an employer-branded Starter Roadmap, which resembles a mini financial plan. A limited version of Retiremap has been used by the Financial Planning Association to educate consumers.

To help employers measure and document the effect of plan education, Retiremap provides plan sponsors with a performance report that measures usage, retirement readiness, behavior change and top financial goals. This data can be used to scale Retiremap from plan education using iPads to a full financial wellness program for employees that includes a financial hotline, personalized investment advice or one-on-one meetings with independent financial advisers. Furthermore, every plan has a management interface that helps the adviser monitor individual employees’ progress and access profile information before meetings.

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