Retirement Benefit Solutions Offers DB Funding Modeling

August 28, 2012 ( - Retirement Benefit Solutions LLC offers a defined benefit (DB) pension funding methodology to assist pensions through the creation of a new life insurance asset class.

Allowing for the input of more than 200+ variables, the Epiphany software system calculates how a pension can bridge a portion or all of its unfunded liability through the use of life insurance.   

Epiphany’s modeling pinpoints the necessary amount of insurance to be purchased for consenting plan participants to fund the pension’s desired liabilities. Calculations can be run on various timetables, using a number of forms of life insurance.   

Against various long-term goals, the tool blends mortality tables and other variables as required.   

Retirement Benefit Solutions’ president, Patrick Elshaw, stated, “Corporations, state and local governments’ underfunded and unfunded pension liabilities total nearly $5 trillion dollars. It is time for these pension plans to find new, long-term solutions to this mounting crisis. Our pension-owned life insurance solution sits outside the volatility of the current market.”  

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