Retirement Coalition Releases 403(b) Auto Features Guidance

November 3, 2010 ( – Retirement Made Simpler (RMS) released an online toolkit to provide employers with a 403(b) retirement plan step-by-step guidance to implementing automatic features.

Employers that offer 403(b) plans can find the comprehensive guide to implementing automatic features on the RMS Web site at

The resource includes basic facts, benefits to employers, and sample forms, such as new employee notice of enrollment and opt-out forms. The toolkit also explains changes to the retirement fund landscape established by the Pension Protection Act.

“We wanted to provide educational institutions and non-profits that have 403(b) plans a one-stop resource covering everything from the basics of automatic enrollment to best practices such as automatic escalation,” said John Gannon, Senior Vice President of FINRA,  a founding partner of the Retirement Made Simpler coalition, in a news release. “The 403(b) Toolkit offers step-by-step guidance and sample communications to help simplify implementation.”