Retirement Industry People Moves

Custodia adds former Pfizer HR chief to advisory council, and IRS names leader for Tax Exempt/Government Entities division.

Art by Subin Yang

Art by Subin Yang

Custodia Adds Former Pfizer HR Chief to Advisory Council

Custodia Financial has appointed Chuck Hill, former chief human resource officer of Pfizer Inc., to its Strategic Advisory Council (SAC). In his role on the SAC, Hill will support distribution efforts for Retirement Loan Eraser across his broad network of senior human resources (HR) executives and industry practitioners.

While at Pfizer, Hill was responsible for all enterprise human resource programs, including compensation and benefits.

He joined Pfizer’s human resources (HR) team in 1987, supporting the Pharmaceutical Sales Force. After that, he held a number of roles including HR director of Pfizer’s Global Manufacturing facility in Groton, Connecticut; vice president of HR, Corporate Finance; and senior vice president HR, Worldwide Biopharmaceuticals Businesses. Prior to joining Pfizer, Hill served for eight years in the United States Air Force as an instructor fighter pilot and flight commander. He served as the executive sponsor of the Pfizer Colleague Council, Veterans in Pfizer, which works to maximize the unique role that veterans and active military personnel play in driving workplace and marketplace outcomes.

“Having a former CHRO and plan sponsor with Chuck’s experience, network, and values on the SAC is imperative for Custodia and for the employers we serve,” says Tod Ruble, CEO of Custodia Financial. “Chuck understands from years of experience the goals, challenges, and risks that large plan sponsors face, so his voice on the SAC—and advocacy in the marketplace—will be invaluable.”

“Upon learning about Custodia’s mission, I felt drawn to the critically important work that Tod and the team are doing. Preventing leakage caused by loan defaults is a challenge that should be on every large plan sponsor’s radar,” says Hill. “I’m thrilled to be working with the Custodia team to raise awareness among HR executives that Retirement Loan Eraser is an effective solution that automatically improves employees’ retirement outcomes, while minimizing fiduciary risk.”

IRS Names Leader for Tax Exempt/Government Entities Division

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has selected Tamera Ripperda to lead the Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) division. 
In TE/GE, Ripperda will take over as commissioner for Sunita Lough, who will become the IRS deputy commissioner for Services and Enforcement on September 1. TE/GE oversees issues including exempt organizations, employee plans and government entities. 
“Tammy brings a variety of skills and expertise to the diverse set of programs overseen by TE/GE,” Rettig said. “She has a strong record of successfully handling critical programs and working closely with people inside and outside the IRS.”
Ripperda became SB/SE Deputy Commissioner in 2016. During this period, she spent 14 months as a director in the Tax Reform Implementation Office (TRIO) where she helped oversee the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017. Prior to 2016, Tammy was the Director of TE/GE Exempt Organizations (EO), where she oversaw tax administration and policy for 1.6 million exempt organizations, and held other positions. 
“TE/GE plays a critical role serving key areas for the nation, ranging from tax-exempt groups and retirement plans to Indian tribal governments and tax-exempt bonds,” Ripperda said. “I look forward to working with our TE/GE employees and partner groups to continue finding ways to serve these important communities.”
Tammy began her IRS career in 1988 as a Revenue Agent in St. Louis. She has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Southern Illinois University.