Retirement Plan Services Offered to Law Professionals

March 2, 2006 ( - The American Bar Retirement Association and the ABA (American Bar Association) Members' Retirement Program have now become ABA Retirement Funds.

ABA Retirement Funds offers qualified retirement plan services to qualified law professionals, along with educational information related to retirement planning and funding, according to the announcement. The program is administered by State Street Bank and Trust, and includes plan administration, investment flexibility and advice.

Beth Halberstadt, program director of the ABA Retirement Funds, said in the announcement, “The structure of our program enables us to create economies of scale. This allows us to pass along benefits to our plan members, including low associated costs, investment flexibility, and fiduciary services.”

Program eligibility is open to any law firm or practitioner that has at least one partner or shareholder who is a member of the ABA, or a state or local bar association represented in the ABA’s House of Delegates.

For more information, call 877-948-2272 or visit .