Retirement Savings Advice Program Launched for Lawyers

September 12, 2006 ( - ABA Retirement Funds, which offers tax-qualified retirement plan services to legal professionals, has unveiled a new program offering investment advice.

Administered by CitiStreet, the advisor service delivers one-on-one advice by a professional account manager, according to a news release.

Through the service, licensed financial advisors provide individualized reports and ongoing support. Fees vary according to the balance of the investor’s plan account, according to the announcement

“This new program takes the financial planning burden off the investors’ shoulders and places it in the hands of experts who can help investors make wise choices,” said Beth Halberstadt, program director of the ABA Retirement Funds, in the announcement. “Our goal is to make our member’s financial planning less stressful and more rewarding.”

Based on the information input into the Personal Online Advisor (such as current income, savings and ideal retirement age), investors receive a personalized forecast, which details the chances of reaching their retirement goal. The interactive software gives investors ways to improve chances to meet their goals by seeing how changes in risk tolerance, contribution amounts or retirement age can affect the forecast.

Once a savings strategy is implemented, the Advice Action Kit provides an advice summary that includes step-by-step instructions on how to implement each investor’s game plan.

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