Retirement Savings not on List for Recordkeeper Who Won $1M Prize

May 6, 2010 ( – A defined contribution plan recordkeeper from Mobile, Alabama, won a $1 million prize playing a video game.

Wade McGilberry accomplished the feat in just an hour and a half, becoming the first to pitch a perfect game in Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.’s “Major League Baseball 2K10,” according to the Associated Press.   

Does McGilberry plan to sock some of that money away for retirement? Actually, he and his wife said they plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family with the winnings, the news report said.  

But, the recordkeeper is dedicated to his work. McGilberry said when he bought the game, his wife suggested he take the day off work so he could get a head start on the competition. “I thought about it (and) the responsible thing to do was to go to work,” he said.   

When he came home, he set up a video recording, started playing and achieved the perfect game after “five or six attempts.”  

Take-Two offered the $1 million prize to the first person to pitch a perfect game. In a perfect game, no batter from the other team ever scores or reaches a base, meaning no hits, no walks, and no getting on base from being hit by a pitch or for any other reason.