Rollover Network Makes Another Connection

July 27, 2004 ( - Wealth Management Systems continues to expand its rollover network, adding T. Rowe Price as one of the IRA Rollover choices.

The Rollover Solutions Network, an electronic interface between employer-sponsored retirement plans and retail brokerage accounts, allows participants to access information about Rollover IRAs, automate the distribution process, and open a new Rollover account over the Internet with financial service firms such as T. Rowe Price.   The application electronically processes participant distributions and is designed to automate many processes that are manual today, reducing the time and complexity typically associated with completing a rollover, according to the firm.

Wealth Management Systems, Inc. (WMSI) is a technology consulting company that provides business analysis, design, development, and deployment of Internet applications supporting financial service organization initiatives for the employee benefits industry. Web sites developed by WMSI currently service over 25,000 plan sponsors and 8.5 million participants and coordinate the processing of over 45,000 transactions on a daily basis.

The company’s IRA Rollover Solutions Network is currently processing distributions and rollovers through Participant Web andapplications across multiple recordkeeping systems, including  Merrill Lynch  and  ExpertPlan .   Founded in 2000, WMSI is headquartered in ,New Jersey .    

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