RSI Unveils 401(k) Termination Services Suite

October 7, 2008 ( - Rollover Systems Inc. (RSI), a Charlotte-based rollover management service provider, has announced a new services suite that it says will help advisers and plan sponsors terminate 401(k) plans.

RSI says the new offering   eases advisers and sponsors’ burdens while also providing support, convenience, and choice to participants.

Specifically, according to a press release, the new offering includes:

  • handling of participant location and notification, including missing participant locator services;
  • access to rollover options, and assistance with the rollover, transfer or distribution processes through the RSI Retirement Center;
  • a mandatory rollover program for participants unable or who fail to make a benefit election; and
  • a set of campaign management services, including education, communication, toll-free customer service, and technology and marketing services.

“Our ability to conduct comprehensive plan terminations serves everybody’s best interests,” said Jim Langenwalter, RSI’s chief marketing officer, in the announcement. “Advisers and sponsors reduce their work load, sponsors reduce their risk and ensure compliance with federal regulations, and participants receive guidance, support and access to IRA choices. Ultimately, that helps participants stay invested in retirement.”

More information is available at .