Russell Adds Six New Funds to Target-Date Series

March 24, 2008 ( - Russell Investments has announced the launch of six new funds in its LifePoints Funds, Target Date Series.

The new funds include the 2015 Strategy Fund, 2025 Strategy Fund, 2035 Strategy Fund, 2045 Strategy Fund, 2050 Strategy Fund, and the “In Retirement” Fund, the announcement said. Rounding out the current portfolio options – 2010 Strategy Fund, 2020 Strategy Fund, 2030 Strategy Fund and 2040 Strategy Fund – the new funds enhance the investment choices available to retirement plan sponsors and participants.

“Our intent with these new funds is to make it easier for plan sponsors to offer more portfolio options and for plan participants to be able to immediately identify which of the options is most appropriate for them, based upon their anticipated retirement date,” said Matt Smith, managing director, Russell Retirement Services, in the announcement.

The fixed asset allocation of the In Retirement Fund (32% equity underlying funds/68% fixed income underlying funds) is consistent with the allocation at the end of the existing target date glide path, Russell said. The In Retirement Fund is for investors who are no longer working and is intended to support an inflation-adjusted average annual withdrawal rate of 4% of initial investment (before fees) over a long-term time horizon (approximately 20 years) with a portion of the initial investment remaining at the end of that time horizon.

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