Russell Announces Enhanced Performance Metric for Transitions

December 8, 2008 ( - Russell Investments announced the publication of an enhanced version of the T Standard, a metric used widely across the transition management industry to help investors measure the performance of their portfolio during a transition.

According to the announcement, the updated T Standard clarifies certain past ambiguities, expands its reach to uncovered investment areas, and improves the level of transparency provided to investors. 

Russell said it will continue to make the T Standard available to all transition providers, plan sponsors, consultants, and other institutional investors.

“In our view, uniform transparent standards for calculating implementation shortfall incurred during a transition are a prerequisite to prudent pre-trade planning and meaningful oversight,” said Steve Glass, Senior Vice President and Manager of Plexus Plan Sponsor Group, in the announcement.  “The T Standard empowers asset owners to provide balanced assessments of transition results across multiple events and providers.  This makes it a valuable tool in transition management.”

The new standard will be available on the Russell Web site at .