Russia Tops For Women In Senior Management

February 24, 2004 ( - If you were looking for the country with the highest concentration of women in senior management positions, you would be wise to polish up on your Russian.

Women are included in the senior management of 89% of Russian companies, the highest rate among major countries. This is followed by the Philippines at 85% and the United States in third place with a 75% rate, according to a poll conducted by Grant Thornton reported by Reuters.

Even with a higher concentration of women in the upper echelons of Russian business though, there is a certain watered down effect once the headcount is taken. Overall, women accounted for only 42% of the total senior management posts in Russia.

On the other end,theNetherlands and Pakistan, each with 27%, were at the bottom. Japan, with only 29%, rounded out the bottom of the pile. When examining the total number of women in senior management posts, Japan only had 8%, the lowest total of the 6,900 medium-sized businesses from 26 major countries and territories examined in September and October last year.